Create a Google Calendar Event with a URL

I present this simple FORM because Google's own tool seems to have vanished from the internet and I find it easier to use this method than editing the raw URLs for the Google Calendar links on my RISC OS Page . The date entry may seem an inelegant way of entering the time/date and the strings could be longer than the 35 limit but this was all I needed when I cobbled it together. By all means steal this FORM and adapt it. As it stands there is no input checking but errors are quickly revealed if you Save the Event created for Google Calendar. I will leave the reader to decide where they may wish to copy and paste the URL created.

Note: RISC OS Netsurf allows you to log in to Google which then tries to open the Create Event page created with this FORM but all you will see is a blank page and your generated URL in the address bar. The page has too much Javascript for Netsurf to cope but you now have the URL which can be copied to the clipboard and pasted elsewhere. :)

Start/End (GMT)