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Heathrow Shed Codes

The table below attempts to tell you where air freight is handled at London Heathrow.

It's possible for nearly any non-airline shed to act as an intermedediary for any other as they sell off space they have booked to sell on (e.g. AMI at Polar Park has been known to handle Air New Zealand freight). Also, several airlines have multiple delivery points (e.g. BA cargo can be regular, regional, express) and of course, some perishables - animal products - have to pass through the fridges managed by Norbert Denstressangle at the BA World Cargo Border Inspection Post (BIP) near Hatton Cross. For all the help the list below may seem, there is really no substitute for knowing where your freight is booked to be delivered.

If you find a mistake - or can complete any missing information - please complete the form at the foot of this page. Thanks.

Currently, this table must be considered of only alpha quality as I began this project only recently. The data has been drawn from a multitude of sources both on- and off-line (and in person). I hope it helps as a useful resource. Still building it on Google Docs from which this HTML version is automatically generated! tjrh.

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